Ibis Ripley AF Frame

The Ibis Ripley AF sports 120mm of rear wheel travel, supported by DW-Link suspension. Rolling on 29″ wheels and a frame constructed from high-quality Aluminum, the Ripley AF is built to get down. Utilizing SRAM’s UDH system and a 52mm chainline, the Ripley AF is fully compatible with SRAM’s new Transmission ecosystem.

Speaking of going downhill, the AF variant of the renowned Ripley offers slightly more aggressive geometry with 1.0 degree slacker head-angle, making it more suited to higher trail speeds and steeper terrain.

BikeCo.com offers all the best in MTB. If you’re a rider looking for a full custom frame build on your dream Ripley AF, we’ve got all the right parts and knowledge for you. Looking for a stock build with just a few changes, or are you totally happy with what Ibis is offering? No problem! Let us dial in the suspension and final setup for you, no matter where you are.

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Ibis Ripley Frame & Fork Combo
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Ibis Ripley AF frames are available in 4 sizes:
Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.

Choose from 2 colors:
Mustard Stain and Protein Shake

Ibis Ripley AF Frame $2199 – Sale $1649.25

Ibis Ripley AF Frame in Protein Shake and Mustard Stain

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Review the important Ibis Ripley AF Frame specs. Learn about both frame details as well as learn about common additions for home builders.

Ibis Ripley AF Frame Details

Ripley V4S Headset Spec
Upper ZS44 – Zero Stack, Press Fit
Lower ZS56 – Zero Stack, Press Fit
Ibis Ripley AF Frame Headtube details

Ripley AF Headset Details

The Ibis Ripley AF comes equipped with a press-fit, zero-stack headset, featuring a ZS44 upper and ZS56 lower.

It’s quite common for many home builders to have the headset installed prior to receiving the frame.

Most riders are looking for a “one and done” headset. As such, investing in a high-quality headset is a wise choice. We recommend either the Cane Creek 110 or Chris King headsets. With proper maintenance and servicing, these headsets should endure the lifetime of your Ripley AF frame.

Now, you might be wondering if you can use an Angleset headset. In truth, there are very few situations where we would recommend an Angleset for the Ripley AF. If you’re seeking a slacker and more aggressive setup, the better approach is to increase the fork travel to 140mm. This maintains the steer tube concentricity within the carbon fiber headset, preserving its original design. Simultaneously, it slackens the headtube angle and slightly raises the bottom bracket – both advantageous for tackling more substantial and challenging terrain. Counterintuitively, using a 130mm fork to achieve a slacker headtube can actually lower the bottom bracket, which contradicts the benefits of a slacker headtube.

Do you have any questions or need assistance with your Ripley AF project? Feel free to chat with our team today, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Ibis Ripley AF Frame suspension details
Ripley AF Suspension Spec
Shock FOX Performance DPS, 190x45mm. Included with Frame.
Fork Stock spec 130mm. 140mm option.

Featuring the FOX Factory DPS shock, the Ripley AF is dialed in for the down-country and trail rider.

For those seeking a slightly more robust setup, some riders may explore the FOX Float X. This option endows the Ripley AF with a more aggressive trail and light enduro capability. However, it’s worth noting that the availability of the 190×45 Float X from FOX can impact build timelines, so plan accordingly.

Ripley AF Suspension Upgrade

Wish the Ripley AF was a bit slacker? Or had a touch higher bottom bracket? These adjustments can significantly influence how the Ripley AF responds to changes in direction and its comfort level when tackling more substantial terrain. Riders interested in these modifications should definitely reach out to us to discuss the 140mm fork option.

In addition to providing a bit more travel, the extended fork length alters the axle-to-crown measurement, resulting in several geometry changes. These include a slightly slacker headtube angle, an increased trail measurement, and a taller bottom bracket height.

Feel free to chat with our team about adding a fork to your Ripley AF frame order, ensuring you get it precisely configured to meet your preferences right out of the box.

You can read more about the advantages and setup of the Factory 34 GRIP2 and DPS by following the links below:
(links open in new tabs)

Learn More about the Factory FOX 34 GRIP2 Fork
Learn More about the FOX Factory DPS Shock

BikeCo Pro Tune Suspension

Take your bike’s performance to the next level with our Pro Tune Suspension services.

FOX has the best suspension on the market – but why not make it even better? At BikeCo our suspension team will narrow the performance band of the stock suspension based on your size, riding style, ground speed, aspirations and terrain.

The abridged version? FOX is build for every rider size at every riding speed. You’re not every rider! Chat with our team about how BikeCo Pro Tune suspension will take your riding to the next level. Because Every Click Counts.

Ripley AF Seatube Spec
Seatube Diameter 31.6mm
Maximum Seatpost Insertion Small 255mm, Medium 270mm, Large 300mm, X-Large 370mm
Ibis Ripley AF Frame Seattube details

Ripley AF Seattube Details

The Ibis Ripley AF uses a 31.6mm diameter seatpost.

Do not force a seatpost past the maximum insertion depth or seattube damage or failure may occur.

Work with our team if you have sizing questions on your Ripley  AF build!

Ibis Ripley AF Frame axle and brake details
Ripley AF Frame Details
Brake Mount 160mm Post Mount – 203mm max rotor with adapter
Rear Axle Boost 148mm
Derailleur Hanger Ibis

Rear Brake and Axle Details

Ibis Ripley AF’s have a 160mm post mount rear brake. Using an adapter the maximum rotor size is 203mm.

Hub spacing is 148mm Boost.

Ripley AF Drivetrain Spec
Bottom Bracket Threaded 73mm BSA
Chain Guide Mount Removable ISCG 05 Tab (not pictured)
Chainline 52mm
Q-Factor 168mm
Ibis Ripley AF Frame bottom bracket details

Ripley AF Frame Bottom Bracket & Chainline Details

The Ibis Ripley AF Frame utilizes a threaded 73mm BSA bottom bracket. Depending on your crank selection there are a variety of bottom brackets available.

Many home-builders have us install the bottom bracket prior to shipping the frame.

Chris King is a popular bottom bracket for Ibis bikes. A range of adapters allows both SRAM and Shimano specs to be used.

Ibis Ripley AF Chainline

The Ripley AF uses the standard, “Boost,” chainline measuring 52mm. Compatible with most standard boost labelled cranks from the past few years. This requires a 168mm Q Factor crankset.

If you have any questions, give our staff a shout and we’ll get you handled.

Other Ibis Ripley AF Builds

Want to compare Ripley Builds? BikeCo compares the Ripley Builds head to head here!

The carbon Ibis Ripley is available in a Deore, GX, and SLX kit here. The links show individual Ripley AF builds. You can learn more about each build as well as shop in-stock and available Ripley AF builds.

Ibis Ripley AF Geometry

Get a better understanding of the Ibis Ripley AF Frame geometry on the tabs below.

Ibis Ripley AF Geo

The Ripley AF has geometry that riders expect for down-country, trail and light enduro riding. With the option of a 140mm fork as well as the stock 130mm spec the Ripley AF has a range of riders who will find it perfect.

Four sizes: Small, Medium, Large and X-Large frames are available. The Ripley AF has predictable shifts between each size.

Like other Ibis bikes the Ripley AF’s fit is based on rider height as well as leg and arm length. Riders with notably longer or short legs may up or down size. If you find yourself between sizes chat with our team about fit details. We can help you define which size will give you a more confident fit and feel for your riding terrain and style.

Questions on sizing? Get in touch with our team and we are happy to go over your details to ensure we get you on the right size bike for your riding!

Ibis Ripley AF Geometry Chart
Small Medium Large X-Large
Reach 425mm 450mm 475mm 500mm
Stack 599mm 613mm 622mm 631mm
Head Tube Angle 65.5 deg 65.5 deg 65.5 deg 65.5 deg
Wheelbase 1157mm 1188mm 1217mm 1246mm
Effective Top Tube 574mm 603mm 630mm 658mm
Seat Tube Length 14.5 in 15 in 16.5 in 19 in
Effective Seat Tube Angle 76 deg 76 deg 76 deg 76 deg
Saddle Height at Saddle Offset 630mm 700mm 750mm 807mm
Head Tube Length 90mm 105mm 115mm 125mm
Bottom Bracket Height 335mm 335mm 335mm 335mm
Stand Over Height 676mm 703mm 732mm 759mm
Fork Travel 130mm 130mm 130mm 130mm
Trail 114mm 114mm 114mm 114mm

Compare the Ibis Ripley AF geo with other sizes as well as down-country, trail and light enduro bikes from class leaders like Mondraker, Nukeproof and Yeti!

Enduro MTB Geo Comparison

Ripley AF frame Complete Part Numbers
Ripley AF frame Complete Part Numbers MPN UPC
Ripley AF frame Complete, X-Large in Mustard Stain RLA4PW0000000 840345301475
Ripley AF frame Complete, X-Large in Protein Shake RLA4CK0000000 840345301468
Ripley AF frame Complete, Large in Mustard Stain RLA3PW0000000 840345301451
Ripley AF frame Complete, Large in Protein Shake RLA3CK0000000 810081729345
Ripley AF frame Complete, Medium in Mustard Stain RLA2PW0000000 810081729314
Ripley AF frame Complete, Medium in Protein Shake RLA2CK0000000 810081729284
Ripley AF frame Complete, Small in Mustard Stain RLA1PW0000000 810081729253
Ripley AF frame Complete, Small in Protein Shake RLA1CK0000000 810081721073

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