SRAM Transmission XX Bosch Groupset 165mm


The next step in wireless shifting: SRAM Transmission

SRAM Transmission XX Bosch Groupset

Available with 165mm Crank Option

Available for Pre-Order

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SRAM Transmission XX eMTB Groupset available

SRAM Transmission XX Bosch Groupset

SRAM’s evolution in wireless shifting has taken another large step with the SRAM Transmission.

Specifically designed Cranks, Chain ring (with power meter options), Chain, Cassette and Full Mount Rear Derailleur (mounts to UDH capable frames) are spec’d T-Type.

T-Type components are interchangeable within the Transmission ecosystem.

The SRAM Transmission XX Bosch Groupset includes:

Transmission XX Rear Derailleur
Battery / Charger / Cord
AXS Pod Controller
T-Type (flat top) Chain
T-Type Cassette
XX Bosch Compatible Cranks, available in 165mm

SRAM Transmission XX Rear Derailleur 00.7518.161.000

XX T-Type Eagle AXS 12sp Derailleur

SRAM MPN: 00.7518.161.000
UPC: 710845892141

Designed with the new Full Mount (double shear) attachment this is a hangerless derailleur compatible with UDH bikes.

Replaceable Skid-Plates on B-Knuckle cover as well as Outer Link.

SRAM Transmission T-Type Flat Chain XX CN-TTYP-XX-A1

XX T-Type Chain CN-TTYP-XX-A1

SRAM MPN: 00.2518.056.010
UPC: 710845891472

The new Transmission Flattop profile produces the strongest SRAM chains ever. This allows SRAM Transmission to confidently shift in previously unthinkable conditions.

Outer link is finished with Nickel while the inner link is a Hardened Chrome Color.

SRAM Transmission XX Cassette XS-1297 00.2418.125.000

XX T-Type Cassette CS-XS-1297-A1

SRAM MPN: 00.2418.125.000
UPC: 710845891441

Updated cog sizes on the Transmission XX Cassette provide improved shifting and longer service life.

10-52t Cassette: 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 21, 24, 28, 32, 38, 44, 52

Riders will particularly note the improved performance between the new 44 and largest 52t cog.

SRAM Transmission Pod Controller

SRAM Transmission POD Controller

The Transmission POD controller features improved ergonomics with the functionality riders have come to expect from SRAM wireless shifting.

SRAM Transmission XX eMTB Cranks

XX Bosch T-Type Cranks

Carbon fiber with a foam core provide incredible strength with great stiffness.

Power Meter ready (and power meter kits available) and Bashguard compatible.

Available in 165mm crank length.

Chainring: 36t

SRAM Transmission XX Bosch Groupset Part Numbers

165mm Crank Option

XX T-Type Eagle E-MTB Bosch Transmission AXS Groupset
(RD w/Battery/Charger/Cord, EC POD Ult, FC XX Bosch ISIS 165 w/cap, CR T-Type 36T,Clip-on Guard, CN 126l, CS XS-1297 10-52t)
UPC: 710845892332
MPN: 00.7918.280.001

Here are some details on the new SRAM Eagle Transmission Groupsets

SRAM Transmission Rear Derailleur Full Mount SRAM UDH Double Shear

Transmission Rear Derailleur Full Mount

One of the key points to Transmission’s functionality is found in the rear derailleur mount design. Termed Full Mount by SRAM the rear derailleur is now mounted to the triangle in a double shear configuration which puts it in direct contact with the cassette.

This is how SRAM’s new system improved it’s self setup and tuning capacity.

Eliminating any potential variance between previous rear triangle and hanger applications (non UDH derailleur hanger systems) combined the specifics of the T-Type cassette provide a specific interface which the Transmission Derailleur is asked to function in. (not to mention the full mount derailleur provides a more robust attachment point for the derailleur and eliminates a fastener found on standard derailleur / hanger interfaces)

SRAM Transmission T-Type Flat Chain

SRAM T-Type Compatibility

SRAM’s new Transmission, or T-Type, components are interchangeable within the Transmission ecosystem.

You’ll see some notable differences on the components such as the Flattop chain design, the Full Mount (requires UDH frame capacity) Derailleur as well as the revised 8 bolt SRAM Transmission Direct Mount chain ring design.

SRAM Transmission Direct Mount 8 bolt chainring

SRAM Transmission Installation

You can read more about the SRAM Transmission on SRAM’s site
(these links open in a new tabs)

SRAM Eagle Transmission Groupset Manual

Video of SRAM Transmission Installation

insight from

Over the last six plus years, SRAM has been re-imagining the MTB drivetrain from the ground up.
It was worth the wait. #eagletransmission #thedreamdelivered

SRAM Transmission

SRAM Transmission X0 Groupset Insight by Steven at BikeCo

SRAM AXS has evolved to SRAM Transmission – the newest 12sp Eagle lineup.

Seven groupsets are available including the XXSL as well as XX, XO with Power meter options and E- Bike specific options.

As soon as you see this new Eagle Transmission groupset you just want it on your MTB.  From the derailleur, shifter, cassette, a flattop chain (T-type), down to the crankset: it’s been re-designed.

Along with the new looks SRAM sets a higher bar for durability while raising expectations for the future of mountain bike shifting: from setup and tuning to the trails.

It’s all different but for the right reason, progression.

SRAM UDH Full Mount Derailleur

SRAM evolved the UDH system to incorporate the new 12spd Eagle Transmission derailleur’s Full Mount design for improved shifting performance.

The new Transmission (derailleur) has a beefier structure for improved durability. The UDH Full Mount design is more compact, tucked under your chainstay, better protected from rocks and objects that tend to damage components. Transmission Derailleurs are modular and SRAM offers individual replacement parts including designed skid plates in high contact areas.

Along with the revised derailleur the rest of the Transmission components were designed to withstand time and whatever the trails throw at them. They feature stronger materials and improved coatings to extend service life.

More Transmission Derailleur Details

Pulley wheels are larger giving a smoother and more efficient pedal feel. The Magic Wheel protects your lower derailleur pulley and chain even if the pulley is jammed to a stop.

SRAM T-Type XS-1295 Cassette

Other T-Type Design Improvements

The Flattop chain is 5x stronger and designed around the all-new 10-52 twelve speed cassette. The T-Type Cassette features “Shift Lane” technology. The Shift Lane design provides chain contact in two cassette lanes at the same time. The chain can now be shifted under huge amounts of power while still producing smoother shifts under power or not. Goodbye clunky shifts.

The newly designed and more durable crankset seamlessly syncs the groupset all together. This new crank arm design with an integrated chain guide puts SRAM back on the map for crank choices amongst custom bike builders within the industry.

Quick Installation, Setup & Tuning

More connectivity, more personalization.

With SRAM Transmission your bike has become even more bolt up and go, leaving your setup and adjustment worries behind. Choose your UDH compatible bike from SRAM’s database of over 600 bikes on the Sram AXS app and sync your bike to shift correctly. No more need for a B-gap tool or limiter screw set. Just ride.

 SRAM Transmission: The option is there for you.

More durable, reliable with faster and smoother shifting. As well as app integration to your personal riding experience.

Price points and models to choose from suit needs from the weekend warrior, to the upcoming pro, all the way to the top tier level MTB racer – or any rider who wants the easiest setup and adjustment available.

The new Eagle transmission was created to change the expectations and set the standard for what will be expected from the MTB industry. With SRAM Transmission mountain bike shifting is re-imagined. It’s the best shift performance you can possibly have on a mountain bike and will be for years to come.

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