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Burp MTB Fork Video – Burp & Lube Seals to improve small bump compliance

This simple step will help you release built up air pressure in your fork lowers and at the same time put a bit of lube on the seals, foam rings and bushings.

How-To write-up below video.

Does your fork feel slappy or sticky between services?

Some forks are more likely to off gas or gulp air past the seals building up pressure in the lowers. This creates additional negative spring pressure.

A great trick to maximize small bump compliance as well as minimize arm pump and hand slap is occasionally burping the lowers.

What To Do

Ensure that your fork legs and seals are clean.

Insert a zip tie between the stanchion and seal. Ensure that the radius end of the zip tie is against the seal. This will minimize the chance of slicing a seal.

Listen carefully as you break the seal. Any “whoosh” of air you hear would have been a notable spring in the lower as it compressed.

A small dab of Shimano Mineral Oil worked around the seal will help relube the system. There are many different theories on what to use to relube seals, we’ve worked with this for many years without issues.  It is important to use something which isn’t going to attack the seals.

* takes no responsibility for your mechanical aptitude. If you have ANY doubts about your mechanical ability we suggest using a competent resource for bike service. These tips are posted to help riders with specific issues. In the event you are unable to competently diagnose your issue use a qualified resource. All systems should be tested and confirmed safe prior to resuming normal riding.

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