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Trimming Zip Ties Flush Video – BikeCo Tips in Sixty

Trimming Zip Ties Flush Video – this tip helps your build look sharp. Of course when the tail of a zip tie isn’t flush they can be super sharp!

Ok – we’re putting a disclaimer on this one – if you’re not allowed around scissors don’t try this.

If you are allowed near things with sharp edges here is a quick way to cleanly cut zip ties for improved looks and no sharp edges to cut yourself on later.

What To Do

Trimmed zip tie edges can be amazingly sharp. Sometimes even flush cut pliers leave enough of an edge to slice you in a fall.

One way to ensure a flush cut is to grab the zip tie tail, apply some side pressure and slice it with a sharp razor blade.

This will provide a super clean cut. Your build will look better and be less likely to cut you later.

Remember – your safety is your responsibility.

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