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Ibis Ripley V4S Frame Only in Drywall

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Ibis Ripley V4S Frame Large in Drywall Grey

Check out more details about the Ibis Ripley V4S Frame in Large Drywall Grey here.

Learn about 130 and 140mm fork options, the SRAM UDH 55mm Chainline and more!

Questions? Reach out to our team today.

Ibis Ripley Frame in Bad Apple (Red) and Drywall (Grey / Off White).

Like all Ibis bikes the colors look great here and EVEN BETTER in natural UV light…

What’s the S in Ripley V4S?

Swingarm. Ibis’ new swingarm features some notable updates.

SRAM UDH (Universal Derailleur Hanger: Consolidating SKUs means you can get a UDH when you need it at home or on a trip.

Changes that allow the revised 55mm chain line which utilizes a slightly wider rear end providing a stiffer chainstay for improved traction and tracking.

Ibis Top Tier Carbon & FOX Factory Suspension

Across the entire Ibis Ripley V4S build lineup Ibis features their best carbon fiber and Factory suspension.

One of the things that sets Ibis apart from other brands is their singular use of a top tier carbon fiber across their entire carbon lineup. This carbon is vibrant and proven in the harshest riding conditions on the EWS circuit. Top tier carbon will retain a more vibrant feel longer into its service life.

The FOX Factory suspension is more than the slippery Kashima coat – Factory Suspension also features the top of the line dampers for the widest range of adjustment.

FOX Factory Float DPS Rear Shock

Click through these tabs to learn more about the Ibis Ripley V4S’ Fox Factory Float DPS rear shock.

Air Spring & Volume Spacers

The Ibis Ripley uses a 190 x 45mm shock, spec’d with the Fox Float Factory DPS.

SAG is adjusted by PSI – typically trail riding styles gravitate to 25-30% sag. This would measure about 13mm for a plush setup and 11mm for a more firm setup.

Volume Spacers

Volume spacing provides fine tuning options to support the air spring.

By adding volume spacers, thus reducing the volume, you increase the air spring’s ramp rate for improved bottom out support and pop.

Conversely removing volume spacers produces a more linear feel as the air has more volume during shock compression per mm of travel.

Do not install more volume spacers than the FOX advises. Installing more than the maximum volume spacers will result in  product damage and potential for injuries, etc.

FOX Factory Float DPS Rear Shock Rebound Control


The DPS provides a rebound control with 11 clicks of adjustment.

Heavier riders will use more rebound control than lighter riders to slow the air spring’s return to neutral.

As your ground speeds increase it is common to allow your bike to rebound more quickly to prepare for the next terrain feature and avoid suspension packing from slow rebound setup.

FOX Factory Float DPS Rear Shock Open Mid Firm Lever

FOX Float Factory DPS Compression Controls

The Fox Float Factory DPS shock provides two controls to help fine tune compression.

First is the blue 3 position switch which adjusts from Firm, Mid and Open. Also known as a “climb switch” the use of this is dependent on rider style, preference and terrain.

FOX Factory Float DPS Rear Shock Compression Setting

Fine tuning the low speed compression can be accomplished in the Open mode by adjusting the black dial located around the circumference of the blue 3 position switch.

3 settings are available with “1” being the most plus and “3” the most firm.

Ibis Ripley Fork Travel Options

STOCK: 130mm FOX Float 34 with GRIP2 damper

From the factory the carbon Ibis Ripley is spec’d with a 130mm fork. This provides the bike with it’s stock 66.5 degree headtube angle and 335mm bottom bracket height.

Riders looking for a little more aggressive setup, slightly slacker headtube and higher bb may investigate going to a 140mm  travel option.

140mm for on an Ibis Ripley V4S

Perhaps more than the additional say 7 or 8% of travel the 10mm adds are the geometry modifications and how it will change the riding characteristics. Raising the front of the Ripley will slacken the headtube, increase the trail measurement and slightly lift the bottom bracket.

These are popular shifts for riders how want a bit more relaxed bike without going to longer travel and heavier builds.

Wondering which is right for you? Chat with our team today and we’ll help you define which riders benefit from which travel setup.

BikeCo Exclusive: Pro Tune Suspension

There are a lot of reasons to shop at The Bike Company (BikeCo.com). Some are: Unmatched attention to detail. Incredible after sales setup follow up. Pro Tune Suspension.

Our team works with the FOX fork and shock lineup to take the already great FOX suspension to the next level. Working with our team of suspension tuners we will narrow the FOX performance window based on your size, riding style, terrain, ground speeds, aggression, goals and chassis.

What’s it mean to narrow the performance window? Well, each click is more precise. The fluid is hand picked for you. The bleed is more precise.

On trail your suspension will be more plush while maintaining the support and progression you need to really attack the trail.

For racers our tuned suspension subtracts seconds from your run. For pleasure riders it improves the traction and feel allowing you to progress quicker in your riding.

Talk to our team about the advantages of BikeCo Pro Tunes today.

Ibis Ripley Frame Only

MSRP: $3,499

Ibis Ripley Frame Details:

Wheel Size: 29” / up to 2.6″ tires
Front Travel: 120-140mm
Rear Travel: 120mm
Shock Specs: 190x45mm
Boost Axles: 148mm rear / 110mm front
Seatpost Diameter: 31.6mm
Rear Brake: 160mm Post mount / 203mm max rotor
Bottom Bracket: Threaded (73mm BSA)
Chainline: 55mm chainline, 182mm Q Factor
Derailleur Hanger: SRAM UDH
ISCG 05: Tab Mount
Headset: ZS44 upper / ZS56 lower
Sizes: S / M / L / XL
Frame Warranty: 7 years


Here’s some great data from Ibis’ site about the SRAM UDH and 55mm chainline:


Bikes with a Sram UDH derailleur hanger require a crankset capable of achieving a 55mm chainline.

55mm chainline cranksets include:

Sram Dub Wide Cranksets.
Shimano 120 Series Cranksets.

A variety of other manufacturers offer 55mm chainline cranksets. Verify with your preferred crankset manufacturer before purchasing and installing.

Will a 52mm chainline crankset work on my new 55mm chainline bike?

While 52mm chainline cranksets with 28T-30T chainrings may clear the frame, it’s best to utilize a crankset capable of achieving the corresponding chainline to your frame. This will ensure the best shift quality and allow the use of larger chain rings. Always double check chainring clearance and fitment prior to riding.

Compare Ibis Ripley Geometry

Open the tab to the right to display our interactive mtb geometry comparison.

You can compare bottom bracket, chainstay, wheelbase, headtube angle, trail, reach and stack as well as learn more about rider’s reach and rider’s stack!

Ripley V4S: Comparative Bikes

Looking at fast, flickable trail bikes comfortable into the light and mid enduro realm? Well the Ibis Ripley is obviously on the list – what else should you be shopping?

With cutting edge DW Suspension with 120mm of rear travel and fork options at 130mm or a 140mm the Ripley is at home for all day rips as well as more aggressive trail attacks. The Ripley continues to improve it’s frame stiffness without dramatic weight compromises: making it a bike consumable by larger riders as well as the classic sized rider who’s always gravitated to the Ripley.

The DW Suspension Ripley is often shopped alongside two other acknowledged class leaders the Mondraker Raze and Yeti. All of these bikes have geometry that’s comfortable and confident at speed while maintaining the “smaller / lighter” personality for quick changes in direction and efficient acceleration.

For riders looking at a more entry level price point Ibis’ aluminum Ripley AF is a great option.

If you’re shopping a slightly smaller chassis the Ibis Exie, a carbon fiber bike made in the USA is worth an extended review.

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