SRAM AXS Rocker Paddle Shifter Upgrade

Upgrades, Product Review, New Branded Gear & Footwear as well as a great riding tip!

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AXS Upgrade, Riding Tips, Casual Soft Goods, Ride Concepts Powerline Review –

Another great week here at The Bike Company. Enjoy this email with a variety of content for you from new bits to great riding advice.

SRAM AXS Rocker Paddle Shifter Upgrade

SRAM AXS Shifter Upgrade

Nearly all of our staff rides AXS so it wasn’t hard to get input on the new AXS Rocker Paddle upgrade – from

“The new SRAM AXS Rocker Paddle reconfigures the AXS shifter to have a more conventional feel. It’s new design brings two more traditionally placed “buttons” to the controller in replacement of the original design which was more of a flat panel requiring the user to push their thumb up or down. With the first few units already installed on bikes, our clients and staff are fans of the stippled contact surface and the new layout…or should I say old layout?”

BikeCo Neck Gaiters Victory Lion

BikeCo Soft Goods

We’ve landed some fresh soft goods, in our typical small run quantities. Fly the flag with BikeCo Branded hats, neck gaiters and more.

Ride Concepts Powerline Shoe Asymmetrical Shape

Ride Concepts Powerline First Ride Review

Take a read through first ride feedback on the new Ride Concepts Powerline flat pedal shoes.

The attention to detail on the Ride Concepts footwear lineup is tough to beat. So are the D3o inlays ready for your aggressive riding!


Powerline & Transition shoes in stock now

Ride Concepts Powerline Black and Charcoal Shoes

Ride Concepts Powerline Charcoal & Orange Shoes

Ride Concepts Transition Black and Charcoal Shoes

Ride Concepts Powerline Shoe Review

Riding Tips & Tricks

I recently asked the guys to get me some of their favorite riding advice. I’m not sure if Jack was poking fun at me or not, but great advice either way!

“Have you ever found yourself getting fatigued on a long climb?


Here are a few things I do that may help you:

1. I make sure I’m hydrated before I start and stay hydrated along the way. I find that it’s easy to forget to drink while taking in amazing views!

2. The tendency for us on a long grind is to get in our “groove” and pedal away in the same gear. 
I find that shifting up a few gears and getting out of the saddle for a bit is a good way to break the monotony, and give one set of muscles a break. 

Also shifting my position on my saddle allows me to switch the constant strain on one muscle group.


3. And lastly, I’ve learned to maximize my momentum, much like on a downhill, by utilizing berms, obstacles and dips to “spring” off them and keep moving forward using just a bit more upper body effort.

Basically, the key mentality here on a long climb, is to use challenges to your advantage! “

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