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Maxxis Assegai Greg Minnaar tire

The Right Product at the Right Time and the Right Price

When is a deal a deal? Well it has to be The Right Product at the Right Time and the Right Price.

The other day the omnipresent social media bot marketing dropped a new camera across my feed.

It was a proper brand, at a hell of a discount. Basically the model seemed to be discounted as a “job out” versus a “close out” from what I assumed to be an adequately reputable retailer. I clicked over.

(Basic Definitions: Job outs are products that didn’t sell, were possibly returned, etc. Close outs are specific large buys at a discount to be reoffered at perceived low prices. Want to go even further down the close out / job out rabbit hole? Google about closeout products being marked above market pricing to improve perceived value. Circuit City had quite the deal with it when they liquidated…)

I had been thinking about updating my work camera and found myself filling out my credit card and shipping information. Mid keystroke I took a second to think about what was driving this purchase.


In this case, simply put, I was falling victim to the “can I afford to leave this much money on the table” savings technique.  Where I tend not to be bumped by small value savings, even when it is a high percentage off a total, larger actual dollar amounts do catch my eye.

The problem was when I reset to my standard purchasing mode I was about to “save” $500, spent around $1,000 and end up with a camera that frankly didn’t hit critical check boxes for my usage. I shoot product, lifestyle, racing and riding at various times.

The grand I was going to spent on essentially a studio camera wasn’t going to be much of a deal in the long run. The $500 savings weren’t going to cover purchasing a more resilient camera system for the inevitable drops, crashes, dust, water  – whatever I tend to come across outdoors.

The long and the short was dropping $1,000 for the $1,500 perceived value wasn’t getting me anywhere. Frankly doing some research with my favorite camera resource I found a handful of cameras that I would end up spending about the same as well as getting many, many more features applicable to me. The only real downside was not being able to say “I got a $1,500 camera”. With any truth serum it would come out “I got the wrong $1,500 camera”.

The Bike Company in the Market Place

One of my favorite aspects in my time at The Bike Company is our team’s ability to bring the best products for a wide variety of riders well before the market curve. has competitive prices on the ultimate gear. Additionally our staff has the expertise to help clients define what truly checks off the most boxes for their budget.

The Bike Company always has the right products for contemporary riding. In other words, we don’t buy closeout XC cranks with bizarre Q-factors, tires with inappropriate sidewalls for their usage, or other strange overruns.

Products like the new Maxxis Assegai, Greg Minnaar’s signature tire, and knowing who it’s for define BikeCo. Designed for aggressive riders in aggressive terrain the foldable DH sidewall. This feature adds a ton of protection and a bit of weight. The additional transition knobs improve grip in berms without having to ride all the way to extreme lean angles.

Something worth looking at for park and enduro riders for sure! Chat with our staff about the best tire pairings for your riding. BikeCo will get you aggressive pricing on the right product at the right time!


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