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Cush Core Huck Norris Comparison

CushCore vs Huck Norris Comparison

12/5/19 Update – Check out a new blog comparing the CushCore PRO vs. XC rim protection.

CushCore vs Huck Norris Comparison – differences in the leading rim insert protection.

Tire inserts have grown in popularity over the past few seasons as riders find themselves in larger terrain at higher speeds. Inserts like the CushCore and Huck Norris are the most popular options providing riders protection as well as different benefits depending on needs.


The top three images show tires at full compression.

On the far left a standard tire folds completely over impacting the rim with the ground. This is the typical cause of both rim damage as well as side wall cuts. Foam inserts are designed to provide “give” between the ground and rim. This “give” eases stresses on both tire and rim. The tire isn’t subject to the cutting stress from the edge of rim while the rim is less subject to dents (aluminum) or cracks (carbon).

CushCore mount in the trough of the rim filling the lower section of the tire. When the tire is compressed the CushCore slows the impact into the rim.

Huck Norris is placed in the widest part of the tire. Upon full compression the Huck Norris if forced between the rim edge and terrain. In order to best protect the rim Huck Norris is available in Small, Medium and Large based on your rim’s internal width.

Both of these systems provide excellent protection for rim and tires. They do however have some slight differences riders should review.

Rim Strike Image - tire full compression and ENVE rim contacts rocks

1 day after this post’s launch we shot this image while testing with the Alchemy team… Tire stayed up and no one suspected anything until we went through some sequence shots. Strikes like this happen!

More Details:


The Cush Core system takes a notable amount of volume inside a tire. This produces a slightly different ramp rate as the tire is compressed (think of it like a volume spacer in a fork). With a more aggressive ramp rate many riders find they can run incredibly low tire pressures for maximum performance.

As the Cush Core contacts the sidewall of the tire it also increases stiffness, by lowering the leverage point of flex.

We’ve had great reaction for aggressive riders as well as 27.5+ users. 27.5+ setups run such low pressure with such high volume that tuning can be complicated as the tire becomes undampened suspension. Cush Core’s added support and ramp eliminate a lot of tire roll or squirm on plus sized rubber.

Huck Norris

As well as it’s excellent protection of tires / rims the Huck Norris is light and easy to install. Which is why racers love it.

Huck Norris is a system riders could install prior to shuttle or park days and remove for less aggressive trail situations. Going hard every ride? Leave the Huck Norris in for added protection it’s light enough you probably won’t notice it. Huck Norris publishes the Medium strip’s weight at ~80g.


Both of these systems are highly recommended for aggressive riders on carbon fiber rims. The additional protection and almost as important as KNOWING that you have the additional protection, which allows a more confident ride.


12/5/19 CushCore has changed the game with the release of the XC option. Check out a PRO vs XC CushCore comparison here.

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