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When You Slip Down the Rabbit Hole Writing a Social Post

3-22-22 Five-Ten Freerider PRO Canvas Parley Plastic
OK, nothing’s simple. Welcome to the 2020’s right?
What started as a “rah-rah” post quickly turned into questions, a bunch of searching around on the web, ordering a wack of washing bags, learning about external washing machine filters I need to research more tonight – buuuuut, we’re trying really hard not to green-wash posts right? That counts for something!
Back to our post shown in bold:
Five-Ten Freerider PRO Canvas feature uppers made from 50% recycled ocean bound plastic and 50% recycled polyester.
The Freerider PRO Canvas contains plastic that would have been destined for the oceans through a partnership with Parley Ocean.
Will this pair of shoes save your planet? Well, nah, but supporting products like these announce a clear intent and manufacturers listen to your dollars…
You know, even a small angle of change now will make a huge difference down the line (think of a triangle as the legs start to stretch from each other, or you’re walking through the woods and start off 5 degrees off target – doesn’t seem like much at first but by the end the distance can be quite big right?)
I support everyone who’s making a commitment to a little less plastic or finding uses to repurpose existing plastic!
Shop the Five-Ten Freerider Pro at
now, down the rabbit hole… right click to open in a new tab (or hold your finger down on your iphone I think that opens a new tab option too)
learn more about Parley Ocean & Adidas here:
or learn about how Adidas is working to help close the loop (important when you think how many synthetic materials are in our current kits right?) including a program to easily donate out of use shoes and clothes to be re-purposed minimizing virgin material production as well as helping keep plastic out of the trash / ocean in the first place:
or read about some options available to minimize both virgin and “up-cycled” clothing from depositing microplastics into the water systems:
All and all – we should keep educating ourselves and working to make the planet a little better than it was the day before.