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Better MTB Cornering with Coach Kevin Aiello

MTB Cornering Tips with Kevin Aiello

Better MTB Cornering with Coach Kevin Aiello

I’ve come to terms with it. I’m kind of spoiled. For example, extending a morning ride counts as work if you invite the right people. So here’s Better MTB cornering with coach Kevin Aiello!

Are you  you’re already familiar with these concepts? Rad! In the world of “nothing’s new” there’s a lot of good advice out there. But take a minute to read and check out some photos that illustrate cornering techniques to make your ride more fun. Ready to take your riding to the next level? Contact Kevin at and schedule a training session. Private lessons or with some buddies, Kevin will help you improve your understanding, confidence and speed.

The Basics

We’ve covered good cornering practices with Kevin illustrating how important fit is to proper cornering techniques. (In fact we have another post with Kevin on pedaling more efficiently as well) Our previous cornering post focused on fit and some basics you should practice using a cone drill. In this blog let’s look a bit more about how to take this to the dirt.

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