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PreCharging a Suspension Pump – BikeCo Tips & Tricks

 PreCharging a Suspension Pump Let us show you how to precharge a suspension pump for the most accurate air suspension setup. Many of our clients, and all of our racers, are looking to really dial in suspension. In order to accomplish this it is important to make minute adjustments to air pressure. This blog and video illustrate what’s happening in your air spring and why precharging a suspension pump is so important. PSI & Volume The reason you want to have a base [...]

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Precharge a Shock Pump Video

This video & blog were updated 11/27/19 check it out here!   Learn how to Precharge a Shock Pump for the most accurate adjustments. We get a lot of clients looking to really dial in suspension. Here’s an often overlooked trick – how to precharge your shock pump. It’s not difficult however it’s strangely controversial. Sometimes science has that affect I guess, the world isn’t flat either… So, here’s the basic on why you precharge a pump. Volume change. PSI and Volume are related. [...]