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Top Eight MTB Flat Pedals

Top Eight MTB Flat Pedals

At we’re often asked what our favorite products are. It’s a bit of a loaded question because different riding styles prioritize different features. But when it comes to flat pedals, or platform pedals we can put together a list of our top eight mtb flat pedals – but you’ll have to look at the factors and decide which is the best for your use!

To begin are you a rider who is testing the flat pedal waters or are you committed to platform pedals?

If you’re testing the waters there are great composite pedal options that are cost conscious while providing a variety of colors to highlight your build. Composite pedals can be slightly lighter; however they tend to weigh in pretty close as the composite generally requires a taller pedal than aluminum for support. Most MTB composite pedals will feature pins similar to the aluminum offerings – these aren’t your barefoot beach cruiser pedals…

Riders that will be riding mtb flat pedals for some time tend to gravitate to the aluminum options. As mentioned above the aluminum pedals can be thinner based on material properties. This allows extra clearance as well as slightly lowers your center of gravity by sitting lower over the pedal spindle.

Another aspect to consider is shoe size. While you’ll find most quality platform pedals are somewhat similar in size there are variations. It’s worth a consideration particularly if you’re on one side of the shoe size scale.

On a side note, whether you ride clipless or flats proper cornering footwork is important. When you turn left you have your right foot down, and vice versa. Riders getting used to flat pedals who forget this often find the wider flat pedal can contact the ground, like a peg on a motorcycle, and stick or slide. I’ve seldom had it happen on the trail, but occasionally I’ve been on the road or bike path and turned my brain off ending up in a quick pedal slide. If it slides and you don’t panic it’s pretty easy to ride out of. If it sticks you need to act quicker.

Want to compare flat pedal dimensions? No problem. Scroll through the images below and you can see some of our favorite pedals contact patches highlighted. The black outlines represent the available contact points while the semi-transparent white illustrates the “other side” of the pedal.

So, let’s get down to it.

What are our Top Eight MTB Flat Pedals?

This list isn’t going to be a #1 is the best and #8 is a sacrifice since there are so many personal aspects on pedal selection. But here are, in a somewhat arbitrary order, our favorite platform pedals.

Favorite Aluminum Pedals

Race Face Atlas Pedals

A super popular option for a variety of reasons. Notably the large inboard bearing makes this pedal robust even for heavier riders.

The advertised platform size includes the ramp for the lower side, but it’s close to a 101x104mm useable surface.

The pins are based on bolts which can tend to add a tiny bit of weight to a pedal design, however, they can be easier to remove if substantially damaged.

The Race Face Atlas Pedals are available in a handful of colors: Black, Blue, Green & Red. Some of the earlier favorite colors have been sacrificed for SKU minimization it seems.

Shop Race Face Atlas Pedals

Shop HT ANS10 Supreme Pedals

HT ANS10 Supreme Pedals

An evolution from earlier HT pedals, the ANS10 Supreme Pedals are slightly thicker than other HT models coming in at a published 16.6mm.

Featuring a familiar HT profile the ANS10 Supreme features bolt pins on the leading and trailing edge with threaded studs on the outboard edge.

HT pedals are available in wide spectrum of colors, however availability post-Covid production / shipping may limit your options depending on time frames.

DMR Vault Pedals

The DMR Vault Pedals have that classic pedal shape. DMR advertises tune-able pins which would allow you to fine tune grip and a bit of shape.

The Vault pedal is designed with a concave footbed for improved contact and feel.

Built with a high load DU bushing and cartridge bearing the Vault Pedal is fully serviceable.

Signature models are available like the popular Lacon Oil-Slick, Brendog Stealth and the Brendog Ice. DMR also offers the Vault in; Sandblast Black, Gloss Black, Copper Orange, Lem Lime & Full Silver.

Shop Deity TMAC Pedals

Deity TMAC Pedals

Tyler McCaul’s signature flat pedals, the Deity TMAC Pedals have a 105×110 contact patch, one of the longer contact patches on our list.

The pedal is 14mm thick and designed with a 2.5mm concave to keep your foot confidently planted in the pedal.

The symmetrical pedal profile provides that large contact patch and allows for weight to be shaved from the vertical blank.

Available in some great polished colorways, our favorites are the Black, Blue, Platinum Silver and Bronze.

OneUp Aluminum Pedals

Like the Race Face Atlas Pedal the OneUp Components Aluminum Pedal features a large inboard bearing for improved service life and performance.

One potential downside to the larger inboard bearing is fit with deep counterbore cranks, ie OneUp advises that the Aluminum Pedals are not compatible with SRAM carbon cranks or many protective crank boots.

The OneUp Pedal has a 115mm usable platform, making it one of the longer contact patch pedals in our selection. This is great for riders with bigger feet. Another interesting aspect of cranks without a lot of fore / aft taper – the spindle sits more “truly centered” rather than slightly forward. It’s probably not enough to notice, but, it’s there.

Best Composite Pedals

What are our go-to composite flat pedals? Check it out.

OneUp Components Comp Pedal

This composite pedal shares the same contact patch design as the OneUp Aluminum Pedals at a cost conscious price point.

Traction is provided with 10 rear loading steel pins per side.

The 115mm long contact patch is great for riders with larger feet.

Available in Black, Red & Orange to highlight your build details.

Crank Brothers Stamp 1, Large Pedals

Like the OneUp Comp Pedal the Crank Brothers Stamp 1 in Large offers a great contact patch for riders with larger feet. This is accomplished with minimal taper from “top” to “bottom”.

The Stamp 1 are one of the thinner composite offerings published at 13mm. 9 adjustable hex traction pins per side for confident grip in any terrain.

Shop Crank Bros Stamp 1 Pedals

Shop Tag Metals T3 Flat Pedals

Tag Metals T3 Pedals

In the MTB world Tag Metals name can seem a bit misleading. Tag Metals produces quality carbon fiber handlebars as well as great composite T3 pedals.

The published dimension is the entire pedal, the contact patch is more like the Race Face Atlas around 105mm give or take (not the 110 published)

Tag Metals T3 Pedals are available in Black, Orange, Red and Gray.

Didn’t see your current or favorite pedals on this list? Well, we are serious about curating product for our clients. We work with the best brands with product riders can trust and vendors can stand behind.

Check out the rest of our flat pedals here.


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