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Yeti SB130 with X2

Yeti SB130 with X2

Enjoy a few shots of this recent SB130 build by The Yeti SB130 with X2 shock is a popular setup and not just for riders pushing the limits of the Trail / Enduro capacity of the 137mm travel Lunch Ride.

The Float X2 offers riders control over both high and low speed rebound settings as well as high and low speed compression. Compression can be added to provide in-stroke support to aide the air spring. With the X2 riders can adjust low speed compression for more support in corners or steep chutes or the high speed compression for faster, larger impacts through the gnarly chunk.

SRAM Eagle AXS drivetrain in Gold

I love the way that the SRAM XX1 gold chain and cassette tie in with the Kashima coat Factory Transfer post and Factory 36 fork. Taking the accent color and tying in the corners of the bike, without over doing it – this client is doing it right!

With the SRAM AXS, or any of the 52t Max cable derailleurs, riders have a choice of running the newer 52t cassettes or the earlier 50t cassettes. Some riders actually prefer the 50t cassettes not needing “as much” granny gear and preferring to not have as big of a jump in the last shift. It is pretty common for racers to prefer the tighter shifting gaps to maximize power while minimizing the change of a missed shift.

AbsoluteBlack Oval Chainring

More and more riders are trying the oval chainrings like this AbsoluteBlack setup. Designed to ease the load on your legs when outside of your most powerful segments of your pedal stroke oval chain rings then increase in diameter as your cranks spin into stronger positions.

It’s about 50/50 here at BikeCo’s staff on oval versus standard chainrings. Really it’s a preference thing – I plan to ride an oval ring for more than a couple test rides soon to see if my opinion changes after more miles. The only thing mechanically I’ve noted on oval rings is the added pull on the rear derailleur to keep tension, but your derailleur is working hard through the suspension articulation anyhow. I imagine it is just a matter of making sure it’s lubricated now and then to help ensure your expected service life.

Magura MT7 brakes with HC lever

Magura MT7 brakes with HC levers are a super common upgrade to SRAM bikes.

The Magura brakes provide great modulation and power as well as a consistent feel across a range of terrain.

Depending on your riding conditions Magura offers a range of rotors designed to accommodate different levels of heat input, such as the 2 piece MDR-P rotors you’ll often see on burlier Enduro bike or eMTB setups.

Yeti SB130 with Float X2

In the market for a banger Yeti, Ibis or Mondraker?

Looking for that factory complete, or a factory build with some spec upgrades? Even a full custom? has you covered.

Check out our in-stock and in-bound bikes here then chat with our team about the changes you’re interested in to perfect that build to your riding.

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Yeti SB130 Lunch Ride – All You Can Eat!

Yeti SB130 Lunch Ride Custom

So, the 160mm fork and extended travel rear shock, about 137mm of total travel, on the SB130 make it a lunch ride. But what happens when you take that Yeti SB130 Lunch Ride suspension to the next level with a FOX 38 and FOX Float X2? Well its ready for the all day, sit in the restaurant till they kick you out all you care to eat Lunch Ride right?

SRAM AXS with XX1 Copper Chain

This X01 AXS kit is set off with an XX1 Copper Chain and a hint of accent color with the OneUp Chain Guide & Bash.

The orange upper guide helps with chain retention in rough terrain, or when you time backwards in corners, etc. You can see how the black bash guide sits slightly lower than the chain ring providing protection from rocks and logs you might come across.

Many riders think that the bash guide is only for riders really riding the super gnarly stuff, but, from my experience I’m much more likely to smack my chain ring trying to climb technical stuff.

Magua MT7 brakes, HC Rotor and i9 Hubs laced to WTB rims

So, let’s get it straight: Custom is still a thing! But, you might have to wait a bit for your dream parts.

We’re seeing a lot of riders take advantage of availability to get on trail while waiting for some bits. Example: custom Hope brakes or like Shimano Saint brakes that might have a long ship ETA riders are taking delivery with the stock brakes and then flipping them on the used market once the other bits come in. We’re seeing this with stock wheels too if you’re waiting for that dream King color or whatever.

In this bike’s case i9 has had great turnaround times and the turquoise hubs are a great accent to the orange fork and a nod to the Yeti racing heritage. These are handbuilt wheels by our team laced to WTB rims with DT Swiss Spokes. BikeCo has some of the best wheel builders in MTB and we are able to fine tune your build to your riding style, ground speeds and weight. Adding compliance or stiffness to the build depending on requirements makes a big difference in total traction.

Stopping this beast are 4 piston Magura MT7 HC3 brakes – which BikeCo keeps great stock on and are an easy update to your build!

Chris King Inset in Yeti SB130 Frame

Unlike pressfit headsets Inset options are relatively easy to change (and don’t add stress to the frame’s headtube driving cups in and out).

If your bike has a pressfit headset why not put in a rebuildable Chris King headset that will last the life of the frame?

If your bike, like the Yeti lineup, features Inset headsets the Chris King is still a lifetime headset with some basic maintenance. And available in a variety of colors like this Matte Mango you can accent your bikes’ cockpit with a touch of flare.

Custom Yeti Builds by

In the market for a Custom? Semi-Custom? Stock built with some key upgrades or just a Stock Yeti, Ibis or Mondraker? has you covered. Reach out to our team for availability and timing on your favorite XC, Trail or Enduro bikes.

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2019+ Yeti SB Frame Accessory Kits

Yeti SB Frame Accessory Kits

These are the parts you want in your tool box to keep your Yeti SB115, SB130, SB140, SB150 or SB165 on the trail.

Derailleur Hanger

The Yeti SB115, 130, 140, 150 and 165 use the 12×148 hanger kit G3.

Available in both black and turquoise.

Yeti PN: 300060073

12×148 Yeti Axle, 12×1.5 Thread Pitch

The Yeti SB115, 130, 140, 150 and 165 (bikes that use the 12×148 hanger kit G3) use the 12×1.5 Thread Pitch axle

Available in both black and turquoise.

Yeti Bearing Rebuild Kit

This is the 200020335 Bearing Rebuild Kit for the Yeti SB130, SB140, SB150 and SB165.

This bearing rebuild kit includes:

300020032 Bearing, 398 MAX DBL, 8x19x10/11 (2)
300020045 Bearing F6902-2RS Extended, 15x27x7 (2)
300020052 Bearing 6901-2RS Extended, 15x28x7/10 (4)

Yeti SB115 Bearing Rebuild Kit

This is the 200020317 Bearing Rebuild Kit for the Yeti SB115 and SB100.

This bearing rebuild kit includes:

300020001 Bearing 6903-2RS, 17x30x7 (qty 2)
300020052 Bearing 6902-2RS Extended, 15x28x7/10 (qty 4)

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Yeti SB130 Lunch Ride Custom: Enve, King, Magura

Yeti SB130 Lunch Ride Custom

Yeti SB130 Lunch Ride custom with Enve, King, Magura & More

Since it’s launch the Yeti SB130 has been a bike confident in all terrain. Trail rip after work? Fun bike. Big enduro adventure on the weekend? Ya, that’s what this bike lives for!

This Yeti SB130 Lunch Ride custom features bits from all the leading manufacturers. USA made parts are well represented with ENVE M730 rims and M7 stem as well as Chris King hubs and headset. Magura MT7 Raceline brakes provide great modulation and stopping power. Ergon saddle and Deity grips not only have the right accent colors but provide confident, comfortable options for a wide range of riders.

The SRAM AXS drivetrain provides crisp shifting and clean installation. XX1 10-52t rainbow cassette and chain bring a touch of bling to the black and teal build.


Yeti SB130 Custom SRAM AXS Drivetrain


Cane Creek eeWing cranks have been gaining momentum on bikes at this level. Designed as a titanium alternative to carbon fiber cranks Cane Creek advertises the eeWings as lighter and stiffer than carbon. The titanium fabrication adds a touch of elegance. Small welds remind riders of previous dream bikes when metal builds were more common.

The OneUp Bash and Guide is the perfect accent hue while helping keep the chainring off rocks or logs you’ll encounter ripping down trail.


Magura MT7 Raceline Lever detail


Magura’s HC3 lever provides riders the ultimate adjustability. Easily control reach as well as leverage. One of the best aspects to the adjustments of the HC3 lever is the delineation lines to help you fine tune setup. Magura offers riders the ability to continue to fine tune setup with a range of brake rotors and sizes as well as pad materials with different personalities. Questions on what Magura setup is right for you? Our team of experts is here to help you get the right brake for your riding.


Custom Yeti SB130 Lunch Ride


The lines on the modern Yeti Switch Infinity bikes look fast evening standing still. In a industry that can goes in and out of overly complex shapes Yeti’s straight, no-nonsense tubes – particularly the top tube and parallel seat stay just look so mean!


In the market for a new MTB? Well not only can bring you the best bits on the market we bring unmatched attention to detail before, during and after build. Our after sales service is second to none. Staff devotes time and energy to ensure your new bike dial in is a quick and smooth as possible. Our team is also available to help you fine tune your setup as your riding progresses. From cockpit setup, suspension settings, tire pressures and choices – there are a lot of factors that go into making your MTB work. has all of those factors covered.

Chat with us about a custom, semi-custom, factory build with upgrades or a stock build today!


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Lunch Ride Cocktail: Root Beer & Bourbon

Yeti SB130 Lunch Ride Custom Build

Lunch Ride Cocktail: Root Beer & Bourbon. Custom Yeti SB130 Lunch Ride

Enjoy some photos of this custom Yeti SB130 Lunch Ride build. This bike features an awesome combination of limited edition color offerings so the client will remember 2020 forever! (hahaha…)

The Yeti SB130 is available in a standard or Lunch Ride configuration. The Lunch Ride SB130 features a longer travel rear shock as well as a 160mm fork instead of the 150mm stock offering. Continue reading Lunch Ride Cocktail: Root Beer & Bourbon

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Custom Yeti SB130 NOX, King, ENVE

Yeti SB130 Custom Build by BikeCo

Custom Yeti SB130 NOX, King, ENVE

Enjoy some pictures of this custom Yeti SB130 by

One of the best things about the Yeti SB130 is the wide range of terrain that it’s at home in. This leads to a wide variety of builds that are all absolute bangers.

This build is highlighted with the best in MTB from tip to tail.

Continue reading Custom Yeti SB130 NOX, King, ENVE

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SB130 Mullet Geometry

SB130 Mullet Geometry

Lot of questions on the new Mullet concept. Yeti has come out with the geometry for the SB140 as well as SB165 mullet conversions (check out our interactive geo comparison here) but I got a lot of inquires on the SB130 concept. So let’s look at the SB130 Mullet Geometry.

My first instinct, having owned and SB130 since the launch, is that the BB dimension would be too low for most riding conditions. But I’m all for a quick look to see how right I am. OK, or, well, kinda right.

I built out a model of the Medium SB130. When you “mullet” a bike the geo changes are more distinct on the smaller bikes due to the proportion of height change in wheel to total wheelbase. So a large would actually have slightly less dimensional shift than this example but you get the idea. Continue reading SB130 Mullet Geometry

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My ‘pre’ Lunch Ride – Yeti SB130 Lunch Ride Review

4 11 19 SB130 Lunch Ride Review

My ‘pre’ Lunch Ride – Yeti SB130 Lunch Ride Review

Yeti launched the new SB130 Lunch Ride kit yesterday. But it turns out I’ve been on one for several months now! So now that the cat is out of the bag on the 55mm shock stroke lets take a quick look. Here’s my Yeti SB130 Lunch Ride Review (based on the Lunch Ride Suspension Setup)

Yeti SB130 Lunch Ride Review

Starting at the fork – the 160mm Grip2 option is something we’ve put a lot of clients on already. In fact we have some extended reviews on that aspect of the bike already.

150 vs. 160mm Fork on Yeti SB130 and an extension of that write up comparing headtube, trail, flop etc on the 150 vs 160.

For a quick review on those. Continue reading My ‘pre’ Lunch Ride – Yeti SB130 Lunch Ride Review